make your own sounds

Kick Me Records exists to embrace, embolden, and elevate artists who don't fit the mold — and don't want to.

I started KMR as recording service, honing my craft as an audio engineer and producer by adapting to the needs of every project I took on. No matter the location, budget, or skill level, I found there was something to be taken from every experience — a punk band in a shed will teach you things you'll never learn from a jazz musician in a commercial studio, and vice versa.

Years later (now operating full-time out of my own home studio, the Poole House), I started noticing a rather unfortunate pattern. I would spend days, weeks, and sometimes months working on records with a wide variety of artists, only to have their records fall flat from a lack of marketing. It wasn't helping anybody involved, but I didn't feel I could do much about it either.

In 2020 I stepped away from audio work, using it as an opportunity to reassess the direction I wanted to take Kick Me. I spent months reading as much as I could and attending webinars, taking notes from both industry professionals and music consumers, cross-referencing them with my own opinions and experiences until I felt I had a foundation to start building on. Then I spent the next two years implementing what I'd learned with my own project, The Desert Island Big Band, until I found what worked for me and what didn't.

So what is Kick Me Records now?

I have expanded my services to be a “one stop shop” for artists, working alongside some incredible people I've met over the years making music from both sides of the glass. Recording, branding/marketing, music video production, artwork, promotional photography, styling, and booking are all available under KMR 2.0.

I have also introduced the “KMR Artist” — artists who align creatively with my vision for the label. These artists typically fall under the “too _______ to be [insert genre], but too _______ to be [insert genre]” description, and are dedicated, driven, and prioritize making great art above all else. Unlike your traditional label, I don’t ask for points or percentages, meaning I have no incentive to work with artists based on their potential for commercial success. My intention here is to build a trusted name for both artists and consumers. The gnome logo on the cover is my seal of approval: this is good, and you’re going to like it. Sound weird? Good. I like weird. 

Stefan Jurewicz